Modern Mexican Homes – Architectural Innovation

In the right hands, all it takes to create a modern architectural design is an innovative approach. For Mexican Dellekamp Arquitectos, it was all about shape. The award-winning, forward-thinking architects designed House on a Slope based on what they had to work with – a modest $60,000US budget, a sloping property, and standard materials and solutions. But this striking, rectangular house plan is anything but “standard.” Measuring 130m2, this contemporary house in Desierto de Los Leones, Mexico City stands out for its unusual form. Three solid facades and one glazed facade establish the irregular squared silhouette of this modern house. “To emphasize the diagonal tensions of the topography and the house, the rectangles making up the facades turn into triangles simply by painting them in two colors,” according to the architects. Dellekamp Arquitectos
via Arch Daily