World's 8 man made destructions Technicolor Images of Nuclear Fireballs

Continuing our nuclear theme this week, I thought it might be interesting to showcase some of the most amazing images of destruction that man and nature have ever devised.
nuclear explosion
“Licorne” test in French Polynesia 1970, (France)
Destruction can often be eerily beautiful. It can also remind us of how fragile our existence is and how we mustn’t take it for granted. Below, in no particular order are some of the most incredible pictures of nuclear explosions.
nuclear explosion
Operation Tumbler Snapper US 1952
nuclear fireball
Operation Upshot/Knothole US 1953
nuclear explosion
Operation Upshot/Knothole US 1953
nuclear explosion
Operation Ivy US 1952
operation buster 1951
Operation Buster-Jangle 1951 (US)
Operation Greenhouse 1951 (US)
operation redwing
Operation Redwing 1956 (US)
You can also watch a video here of the detonation of 914-kiloton TN-60 thermonuclear warhead (France, “Licorne” test) at Mururoa Atoll, French Polynesia on July 3, 1970. This corresponds to the first photo. Via Vroom101 on Digg.
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