Best Mail (Must forward)

Best Mail Must forward

* Gopalan FORWARDED this mail to 10 people and that
day evening he got a bottle of White Rum *

* When he got the mail, Rajappan believed it and
FORWARDED to 15 people and next day morning his
uncle come from Gulf with a bottle of Johnny Walker**.

** Red Label Only

* Shashi received the mail and DELETED it. His Brandy
Bottle fell from the table and broke. He lost all his Brandy.

* An Army Officer received this mail and he FORWARDED
it to 20 people and same day Government increased his
Monthly Liquor quota

* Sura received this mail and DELETED it and also made
fun of the mail. The same day the Bar near his house
closed down.

Please forward, it to as many people as you can.
You will see a Miracle happening in your life.
Please do not delete it. This mail is not a joke.